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Take a Deep Dive into my Messy Asshole

It's nice to have full size slaves. After a point in serving me, I always end up shrinking them down to continue their servitude. This time, I've shrunk a small group to newly become my anal toys.

To warm them up to their first day on the job, I dive them into my asshole with my fingers inching in and out of it behind them - pushing them deeper inside of my colon to fuck me from the inside. I fuck them all in my ass. I push two cars up my pussy and fuck them as well... and I bring myself to orgasm with a Hitachi while feeling all of the shrunken people up my asshole and cars inside my pussy.

My womanhood squeezes and milks them. Now that I've cum, it's time to unbirth them all. The cars slide out of my pussy with a little push. But the shrunken slaves that are deep inside of my asshole are stuck! They need a bigger push, so I push and push. Where are they?!

Wow. They really hit all of the spots and made me cum. I lube up again, spread my asshole really wide, and push as hard as I can to get them out. They come out dirty from being in my ass and must now clean themselves and the area up.

If they don't have it cleaned up by the time I get back then their new home will be the inner rim of my toilet. They'll keep it clean until the day they fall in the dirty pool of waste and get flushed down the sewers.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:25 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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  1. AssSlave's Avatar
    I so wish I could be your ass hole slave.. I don't think I deserve a goddesses asshole as nice as yours, I could only dream of being able to clean your beautiful ass out
  2. gtsquisit's Avatar
    whoa. this was amazing. are there anymore and will you consider making more like this?
  3. gtsquisit's Avatar
    could u make one where your sticking teeny tiny houses up your ass?
  4. Maliardo's Avatar
    Never has there still been a video like this one. Ugh, would give up everything in life for this.
  5. Scott's Avatar
    you Should of Replaced the Toys with Gummy Bears' That way' They can Melt Away inside your Lovely Butt HOLES Tummy Acids MUCH Faster...

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