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Slaves get Shrunk Crushed and Eaten

Men can't help but give themselves to Goddess Holly and Bratty Britney. They have so many volunteers to be their slaves that most end up shrunk and released in their home to be hunted as part of their "Tiny Games." Today they are playing with one of the full size furniture slaves, smothering his face with their big, sexy, bubble butts while hunting for tiny slaves to join their sexy play time. They relentlessly smother their full size slave and talk about all the different ways they can use new slaves when they spot their first tiny victim! Britney is having so much fun facesitting their full size slave that she wants to feel a tiny man squirming in her ass at the same time! Holly lowers the tiny slave (POV as the tiny man) into the back of Britney's panties, sealing him inside as Britney lowers her ass back on the furniture slave's face. Britney squeals with delight as she feels two struggling for air in her sexy ass! Soon Holly takes a seat on the slave's face again, locking her feet behind his head to form a perfect seal with her ass. "Maybe we should shrink this slave," Holly says and soon they are discussing different ways they could shrink and use their full size furniture slave. Soon Holly spots another tiny and quickly captures him! This little guy goes deep between Holly's ass cheeks as she sits back on the slave's face. "I wonder if he can feel little kicks against his nose?" Holly wonders out loud as she smothers two slave's with her butt. They have no mercy for their furniture slave, constantly smothering his face while casually discussing his fate as they search for other tinies. When they find another Holly suggests Britney tries eating him! It's the first time Britney has ever tried eating a tiny person, but she quickly agrees and lowers him into her mouth (POV shot). She squeals with delight again as she feels his struggles, laughing as Holly calls them "tiny wiggle pills". Their full size slave annoyingly keeps struggling for air and soon the Goddesses start to talk about what they want to do with him. "I've decided!" Britney shouts, deciding the slave should be shrunk and eaten alive! Desperate to avoid being eaten the slave tries to struggle and scream for help, but Britney's ass muffles all the sound and the sleep sack keeps the slave from fighting back. They shrink him down and Holly quickly grabs him up. Still trapped in the sleep sack at his tiny size Holly jokes that he "really is a tiny wiggle pill," before gulping him down whole!

Lots of great facesitting and long smothers as these Goddesses get totally caught up playing with and tiny slaves and talking. POV shots of each tiny slave being stuffed into panties and the first slave being eaten by Britney. Due to a camera problem the POV scene of being caught and eaten by Britney was cut short. The entire vore POV scene is about 2 minutes long. Two giantess/facesitting best friends in action and lots of great dialogue and smothering action!

Producer: TheQueendom


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Product Details:
Producer: TheQueendom
24:50 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
TheQueendom, Holly, Bratty Britney, Facesitting

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