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Having the Family for Breakfast Unaware

Dani's family is due to visit today, but unknown to her they're already in the house by the time she's woken up. They have gotten shrunk and managed to get bogged down in the ice cream left out on the table. Dani's husband, knowing her morning routine has made the climb to the top of the empty glass he laid out earlier for her in the expectation of being able to grab her attention to save them all. Unfortunately, as a heavily pregnant Dani looms into view her only focus is on food as she accidentally knocks her husband off the rim into the bottom of the glass as she reads the ingredients of her favorite smoothie. Any chance of screaming or catching her eye are soon dashed under the waterfall of smoothie poured in after him. As Dani savors her drink, enjoying the little bits of fruit tripping down her throat she tilts the glass up to get the very last bit of her drink. The thick smoothie drains from the glass into her waiting mouth, she never notices her husband being dragged out of the glass by the current and tipping into his wife's mouth. She shakes every last drop onto her waiting tongue before swallowing her husband alive without ever knowing. Turning her attention to the ice cream, she licks and shovels spoonful after spoonful into her greedy mouth whilst complaining that her family never came round to visits her, as one by one her family struggle in the spoonfuls to catch her eye are dumped in her mouth sent down her throat into her stomach. Dani lies down on the sofa rubbing her bloated, pregnant belly in satisfaction as she takes a nap to digest it all.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
20:19 minutes
1920x960 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Danielle Maye, pregnant, unaware, family, vore, stomach noises, blonde, pig tails, belly button, tattoo, bralette, smoothie, in cup view, cup pov, drink, blue eyes, gulping, pouring into mouth, dripping, ice cream, yogurt, belly, pudding, spoon pov, on sp

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