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End of the Road

All men in the world have shrunk due to a mysterious disease. Years later, they have become little more than pests in the eyes of the women who have inherited the earth. For women, the transition was simple, and natural. For men, it was swift and brutal. Either adapt to their new place in the world, or meet a gruesome end. For a group of eleven men, the struggle for survival has lead them south in search of fairer weather and easier living. Road weary and desperate, they take a chance on invading an isolated rural home in search of food. But once they're discovered by the two young women who live there, they come to realize that there are worse things than being regarded as a pests. They could be toys instead.

♥ 37 pg comic written and illustrated by SorenZer0!
♥ A playful game gives way to brutality and despair!
♥ Enter a world where every man has shrunk to six inches tall!
♥ Two barefoot girls, a group of shrunken people, floor view, crush!

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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
37 HQ Photos
2560x1600 .PDF
comic, crush, gore, floor view, barefoot, handheld, kitchen, shrunken man, realistic, fx, comic, running, shrunken woman, skirt, feet, foot fetish, walking, hiding, unaware, discovered, found, inside, cabinet, can, shrunken people, group, floor, toes, two

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