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Scared Shit Slave

You look up at me from your little cage on the bathroom floor as I rip out a smelly fart and take a piss. You're my shrunken toilet slave and have been doing good so far. However, your anxiety is disturbing you- thinking of what'll happen to you if you fuck up.

My farts smell like I have to go. Fear sinks into your chest when I grab my commode and carefully position it in the perfect spot so that my asshole is directly above your cage. I shift everything around with my feet and hands, I sit on it with my yoga pants on, and then with my panties on.

You feel like running in circles and panicking in your cage, but you manage to calm down just a weensy when I tell you I'm going to go eat some more bad slaves first. I'll enjoy feeling them struggle inside of me, where they can hear their fate before it inevitably happens.

Your slight calm comes to an abrupt end when I fart into your cage. It's a horrible reminder of what's to come. You can't take your eyes off my ass... in case it happens. I flash my asshole before I leave the bathroom, and the image burns your mind....

Includes real farts! My asshole is only seen for a moment at the end of the video. Look out for part two and find out the final fate of my scared slave!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:21 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
cage pov, farts, toilet, commode, white yoga pants, red panties, ass, booty, butt, shit slave, pee, under foot, bare soles, feet, asshole, bathroom, caged, sports bra, Katelyn Brooks

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