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Slave Training - Day 1

You knock on my front door- right on time for your first day of slave training. You thought you were going to get to come in. Ha. Don't think a fucking thing until I speak to you. And listen closely. If you fuck up then I might shrink you and do away with you. Especially so early on.

I command you to whip out your dick and jack off on my front porch, in public where my neighbors can see you. Think of how humiliated you feel by getting yourself off in public. Now focus back on me as I control your speed. Stroke your dick the same as I finger my mouth. And now you can cum when your countdown reaches 10-0 from starting at 30.

Now go. Fuck off. You'll get an email from me with your to-do list and don't bother telling me it's done. In fact, don't bother me at all. Wait until I summon you, and let your emotions eat away at you while you wait like a puppy that's desperate for attention.

(Note: the shrinking dialogue is not included- however, it's one of your fears)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
6:51 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
full sized slave, domme, jack off instruction, humiliation, public, domination, finger sucking

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