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Now My Brother's My Booty Slave

Brother! Some jocks at cheerleading practice got a pantiless view up my skirt because I didn't have any clean ones to wear. You've been slacking on chores, now both mom and I are annoyed at you I'm going to punish you in my own way- by smothering you with my bare feet and my ass!

How does it smell? You say don't do my laundry because of my smelly garments... that's just a lame excuse for you laziness. Now that I've made you smell and lick my feet, I'm going to make you smell every inch of my ass crack. Haa!!!

... see how it's not smelly? Your punishment isn't over. Now I'm going to shrink you and keep you in my panties for a while. Mom won't hear you and if I fart you'll definitely smell it haha!!


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Product Details:
Producer: Jason Ninja
10:13 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
face sitting, ass slave, foot slave, white panties, bare soles, foot licking, foot smelling, smother, panty pov, body climbing, legs, butt, booty, brother, sister, siblings, taboo, Jason Ninja, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Chris's Avatar
    I love your feet

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