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Everyone has their dreams, their secret hopes and desires that exist beneath the surface. Sometimes, though, those dreams are almost undesirable. Sometimes they're dark and wicked, and they're repressed, denied, and buried, forced into the background and hidden for fear of what they might entail. Only when they're forced to the surface, when something triggers those secret shameful dreams, are they confronted. For the two Tinies clinging to one another in the dark, trapped in a box and trembling on the floor of Madison's apartment, how she deals with her own desires is far more than a philosophical or psychological conversations. It's a matter of survival.

♥ A young woman confronts her inner dark side!
♥ A helpless couple trembles before her massive boots!
♥ A shrunken couple learns their place in the world!
♥ Gorgeous, glorious Iray! Nylons never looked this good!
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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
by Soren minutes
50 HQ Photos
black boots, crush, gore, shrunken pov, box, black nylons, thigh high, shorts, blonde, boot treads, poser, cg, torture, stepping on, blood, SorenZer0, Miss Kaneda


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  1. BigMobe's Avatar
    I stopped watching and buying comics made by SorenZer0 because of all the gore and blood. Does anyone know if the people in this get hurt? It doesn't look like it from the previews but I need to be sure before i buy this.
  2. SorenZer0's Avatar
    @BigMobe - Yes, folks get hurt in this. It's pretty safe to assume that there's violence in all of my stories. If I ever do something totally gentle, I'll probably make a big deal about it :-D
  3. BigMobe's Avatar
    I prefer gentle but its not something I absolutely must have. There are ways to be rough without it ending like the 80's Robocop movie started. My main concern is disfigurement and death. I should have been more specific in asking how hurt they are when its over. "They're still people, with all the same rights and protections as people a hundred times their size" which in implies there is some level of restraint.
  4. BigMobe's Avatar
    I took a gamble and lost. There was a very gory crush scene. Deleted 2 minuets after buying.

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