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Her Wicked Pleasure

The flight attendance is in a rage when coming back home. She's totally very bad-tempered, and she was wronged and reproached several times at work in the last flight. Some passengers caused her trouble for pleasure, and her manager was cold towards her, didn't understand her and blamed her hard. She tolerated all the unfairness in peace, which has exhausted all her tolerance... She must find an outlet to vent her ultimate anger! As always... her boyfriend has to play the part of it...

♥ A 16 page comic featuring elaborate, juicy artwork.
♥ Submit your entire self to your girlfriend's ruthless pleasure!
♥ Serious injuries added one by one! - Struggle for your life!
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Product Details:
Producer: Maskray
by Maskr minutes
16 HQ Photos
Maskray, smelly feet, mouth juices, insertion


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  1. Jesse's Avatar
    These are amazingly done GOOD JOB

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