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Schoolgirl's Deadly Games

Samantha has brought a couple more schoolgirls home in her bag today. She's going to add them to her collection already in jars in her kitchen. They know what fate awaits them, they've already seen what she likes to do to her shrunken school friends. As she teases those in jars, two from her bag make a run across her kitchen floor. Samantha covers the distance with ease. As punishment she demands the first one eats the dog shit from the sole of her giant shoe. Failing to do a satisfactory job, the girl is reduced to a smashed mess of guts and bones under Samantha's heavy shoe. The second girl is made to lick the sweat from her smelly sock, as she presses harder and harder crushing the girl until her insides burst out up in between her toes. People are dragged out of jars kicking and screaming as she chews them alive in her mouth, showing off the torn apart people in her mouth to the people in the jars, before they're dragged out and dumped in her mouth as well. She licks and sucks her crucifix necklace with them, they can pray to their God all they won't, but that doesn't stop them going down this sadistic schoolgirls throat, alive to digest in her stomach. Finally her oppressive headmaster is plucked from her cleavage. It's not masturbating as long as he doesn't actually touch her pussy, so she grinds him to death under per panties as she cums.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
10:33 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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