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Now you're Mine, Jason

Now you're all mine, Jason. You're the sole reason why I stole Mr. Newton's shrinking device... but it's not your fault I got carried away and shrank the entire school too. You have nothing to worry about. I'd do anything for you! Mr. Newton and you will be shrunken friends since I'm keeping him around incase I want to put his expertise to use.

As for the school though... it, and everyone you know at school is fucked. I'm crushing them all after I get you off in my hand. You're squirming in a very pleasurable way as I rub you with a dallop of lube under my finger. Oh yea! Cum for me! ;)

Ahhh, it's all over your body... now that I've licked it up, you can watch me crush the school and everyone from the view of my nose. Then I'll make a more cozy home for you than this cup when I come back to my room soon. <3

Note: This video is priced cheap because it's under exposed, as seen in the .gif image, and there are some audio consistency issues.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:19 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
schoolgirl, handheld, up nose, crush, school building, cum, fingers, hand fetish, finger nails, palm, shrunken school, teacher, student, peer, belly shirt, white shirt, stomach, shrinking, shrinking device, belly ring, cleavage, knee high socks, white soc

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