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Mistaken for a Mint

You pound on the pink plastic but it does you no good. You're trapped, shrunken down and lost within an enormous container of car sized tic-tacs. You know at this size you could be easily gobbled up with all of the mints, but you're sure the extremely attractive girl who bought the mints will surly notice your pathetic life before devouring all of her delicious tongue-tingling purchases.

But what if she... doesn't?

It's been a typical day in the life of a young Goddess and I'm finishing it off by studying and writing in my journal. Just as I make some progress on my entry, I start to get a craving for the tiny mints I purchased earlier that day. I grab my purse, pull them out and set them on my desk as I continue writing. I quickly get lost in my writing again, but the urge to suck on a few mints eventually wins and I pour some onto my hand while still trying to stay focused on my thoughts.

Did one of my mints just move? Nah.

I bring the handful of mints up to my hungry, waiting mouth and it's there that it quickly becomes obvious that I'm a little too lost in my work. The mints miss their target and all go falling down my huge boobs! Looking down I notice one little mint hasn't fallen all the way down but is slowly slipping down my soft cleavage. I reach in and grab it from its soft resting place and hold on to it between my fingers.

I write a few more things in my journal while just holding the mint before the urge to devour the tiny trapped mint reappears in my mind. I slowly, half consciously bring the mint to my salivating mouth and begin to tease it with my tongue. The mint doesn't taste as minty as I thought it would, but the thought barely registers. My mouth just wants to suck it. I slip the mint in and do just that- tossing it from cheek to cheek, unconsciously playing with it while sucking every last bit of flavor off of it. But when I can no longer taste the mint and my mouth becomes bored with the flavor, my tongue dispatches it to my throat with one last suck and I swallow it.

Odd... as it slides down my wet, powerful throat it almost feels... as if the mint is struggling against me as if it doesn't wish to be eaten! I give it another hard swallow and the mint disappears, falling to it's fate. I go back to my writing, the mint already gone from my mind.

You on the other hand, were never heard from again... and never known to the beautiful girl who consumed you.

-Comes bundled with photos of what I was writing during the film
-Also comes bundled with a short zoomed and slowed bonus clip of the vore and boobs
-Featuring mostly unaware vore but also boobs and hands
-Watch as my tongue licks sucks and tastes you
-Go for a crazy ride in my mouth and on my tongue
-You know you want to slide down my soft deep cleavage


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
6:00 minutes
720x480 WMV
giantess special effects, shrunken man, unaware, vore, between boobs, black nails, swallowed whole, eaten alive, mouth fetish, Katelyn Brooks


5 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Anonymous's Avatar
    Very professionally captured! Just as a sidenote, there is a background prop novel in the left bottom corner called "Shadow magic". This gives this artistic movie a very ominous if not an omen feel while maintaing a bouncy joyful paradigm. I recommend it! -Miami, FL Jethasis
  2. Matt's Avatar
    There are so few truly excellent vore videos. That's not to say there are lots of GOOD ones, but a video like this is totally at the top of my list as one of THE best I've seen! That had to be one of the luckiest (or UNluckiest! Depends on your POV) guys yet!
  3. David's Avatar
    I don't think I've ever loved a clip as much as I do this one. Unaware, vore, fx, all in one. I can't recommend it enough. Thanks Kat!
  4. James's Avatar
    First video I bought from Katelyn and I must say she knows how to produce really stunning special effects to make the giantess vore fantasy look real. If I was the prey I wouldn't be struggling I would be relaxing waiting to enter her mouth.
  5. ANON's Avatar
    Youre the hottest on here. You should do digestion, yoga pants crushing, inside stomach, and views of stomach while digesting, oh and cleavage ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/wink.png

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