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Swallowing your Virginity

You wake up feeling my pussy the closest it's ever been to your cock. A privilege for a slave. You wonder... will today be the day your biggest fantasy comes true?

I tell you how fulfilled I am with your above-and-beyond servitude. Every day has been a perfect Goddess-and-slave life for both of us. There's one thing I haven't told you over all of these years though. Will I tell you what it is now, later, ever?

Your cock is big, throbbing, begging for release, and I say what you're hoping to hear. I'm going to take your virginity today. Right now. However, there's a price to pay...

You will shrink, yes, shrink, into my cum soaked pussy. And then I will swallow you. You have nothing to fear, you'll be invincible unlike other shrunken people that I eat. You'll enjoy being with me forever, inside my nice warm stomach, serving me from the inside and being one with me.

You are ready for everything to come. Everything comes true. I take your virginity, I come again by fingering myself with your shrunken body, and then I send you to my stomach. Slowly, and teasingly, on a spoonful of yogurt. You quite enjoy the thought of being invincible and you look forward to what the days of serving me from the inside will bring.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
21:00 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
virgin, sex pov, insertion, vore, palm, cleavage, fingering, orgasm, cum, lube, yogurt, fingers, hands, hand fetish, manicure, young, belly, stomach, looking up, ring, face rubbing, point of view, shoulders, eating, food, spoon, vibrator, masturbation, hi


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  1. Richard Long's Avatar
    Richard Lo...
    Hello Katelyn my entertainer I was overall very pleased with this film You have so many lovely natural attributes to film and capture the audience with. I fell in love with your feet and legs in the film on the stolen science project the detailing of your skin all the lines the beauty of toes made you want to be there for a ride. As tiniest would witness your actual foot pinning her with a toe nail was a neat touch and than breaking her leg. Well done. ********** This film was steady with your pussy action and the games with Mark. Your beautiful large labia, is such eye candy, for so many fantasies. The way you can excite yourself and make your hood and clit stand up is something I enjoy and makes me want to watch again and again. You could have done a little better in camera angle when you were preparing Mark with lotion it was a little distracting seeing your hands wave the air. ( like you were casting a spell) ***a shrinking sequence when Mark came into your pussy and began to shrink to be swallowed into your pussy. could have had a nice zoomed close-up of your wide lips ( creating the effect that we was merging into your pussy) Your labia lips swallowing Mark whole. Especially if you were to go from a mid distance and zoomed into a still close up of your open virginal mouth opening wide and aroused.**** Remember we are a captive audience following your lead. ***** The mouth sequence seemed to be an added thing not well planned? I have seen you do such marvelous shots with mouth lips and tongue. I shudder to think what it would be like if you were to "teabag some hanging testicles and deep suck on them stretching them deep into the back of your mouth and throat; if you could suckle on them hard and deep enough. you have such a long sexy tongue to add to your inventory of pleasurable tricks. to tease the audience as you physically demonstrate the actions. I thought you would show close ups and use mark like lip gloss and really tease him before his final plunge down your throat. Make him want to lay upon your tongue. Why do you avoid using sound effects, when all these victims are in your stomach, Especially when you say you are having an orgasming delight; to their wiggling and cries inside your tummy that you can hear and enjoy their attempts to crawl from your stomach acids?! So many interesting sounds you could use Why no music to help ease Mark and create a mood. You did not even on cover your breasts did Mark not rate enough for a whole tour? *****record some sound effects your natural growling stomach after a couple beers or wine belching rubbing your tummy down to your pubic hair line as if you are tracing their descent into your digestive tract. Your a wonderful actress!! But expand, sell it more in its delivery to us and we will love you for it. Don't take it forgranted that we understand or short cut the scene. Play it out give the fantasy a sense of reality by the action that you make. Have a conversation with the one being digested they last for a few minutes live it! Laugh a the lie it would hurt as he cries inside to you in displeasure and than pain. Tease him by drinking some water to make him last long so you can get to another orgasm at his expense. I am happy to see your pubic hair growing it adds a feature and scale to the shrinking models and looks sexy and marvelous! Let it grow thick enough to cover your skin like a manicured bush. I was surprised when I found we are of the same age and you did some common things. Bushes are returning especially as the baby look is going thin. Your labia has always been captivating and if I had the time could tell you so much more you can do to capture the heart as you play if you but took the time. I certainly would like you to produce a film for me I have to write a plot for your enjoyment and perhaps story board it for you to describe some direction but I would not tie your hands. they would be a regulated suggestion. Love to hear from you again Your Author, admirer and friend. Richard
  2. JL's Avatar
    This is how the cycle of life should go. Well done Goddess!!!

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