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Now you're Literally a Piece of Shit

You've been sitting in a cage facing my toilet for three days. I've eaten the biggest plates of food that you've ever seen in our relationship, while letting you starve. Do you know why? ...

I'm going to turn you into what you are. A piece of shit!

The only reason we were ever together is because you're well hung. Your feelings developed. Mine didn't. And now I'm done fucking you. Especially since I've gotten to see how big of a piece of shit you really are.

Before I turn you into what you are, how about you make a real decision for once in your life? Would you like to be shit onto the floor or shit into the toilet? You have until I'm finished eating my protein bar to decide...

Wipe that scared little expression off your face and thank me. Even if this wasn't happening, you'd continue living your life as a piece of shit and hating yourself. I'm doing you a favor.

Now look into my mouth. Mmmmm, aaahhh! Haha... you never thought hearing a girl moan could be terrifying! Try to hold on in my mouth while I gulp...

*Gulp*. The taste of terror!

Now I'm going to go get some exlax and you'll explode out of my ass into the toilet. You never made up your fucking mind. This'll be like fireworks to celebrate what I've done to you. In the mean time, I'll reminise over how much of a piece of shit you were in our relationship.

This is the most satisfying way I've ended a relationship.

PS: While you were starving in the dark, I was out fucking hot men and women at that swingers club you never wanted us to go to.

*Note* This video's shots are shown in the .gif and video stills. There is a lot of digestion dialogue, eating, and vore pov. There is no ass shot or scat.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:54 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
cage, vore, digestion, toilet, cage, mouthcam, shrunken pov, handheld, cleavage, sports bra, humiliation, bathroom, floor, white pants, pink bra, yoga pants, twisted, exlax, poop, transformation, food, eating, protein bar, stomach, toes, bare feet, manicu

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