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Giantess' Ass Cleaning Slaves

Giantess Olivia has been keeping more of you shrunken men in her dresser drawer, just waiting for a good opportunity to use you. Tonight she has a date & though she's thoroughly showered, she has a feeling her date is an "ass man" & she wants to be extra clean.... the kind of clean that you can only get from tiny tongues lapping at your butthole-- inside and out. Unfortunately she's so much larger & stronger than you, you don't have a say in the matter. She chooses you & two of your drawer-mates & explains what you're to do. She puts each one of you inside her, head-first of course. You're terrified as you are forced closer & closer to the tight pink opening. She scolds you when you're not doing a good enough job & praises you when you're working hard despite not being able to breathe. Alternating between the three of you hapless tinies, she mercilessly dunks you in & out of her ass, warning you that she'd better feel your tongue moving against her skin. Toward the end of the session she gets turned on by all the action, and it's obvious she's going to be using you more often. You can choose to dread it or look forward to it, but it's going to happen no matter how you choose to look at it.


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Product Details:
Producer: Olivia Fyre
10:20 minutes
1920X1080 H.264
ass insertion, close up, voice effects, shrunken pov, tiny men, shrunken men, asshole, butt, handheld, bent over, on bed, ass up, red hair, tied, strapped, pale, asshole slave, slaves, servant, moaning, tank top, red lips, booty, bouncing, Olivia, Lady Fy


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    perfect I love It

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