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Katie, Episode Two: Game

Everything about Katie is permanently burned into Eric's brain. For days, he's locked in a box with nothing but his memories of the giant girl, seeing that contemptuous sneer spread across her face when she flung him and the others to the ground, or the satisfied smirk the first time he watched her splatter someone with a stomp of her massive boot. She'd been so cruel, so hateful that day, then when she dumps Eric and another group out before her and stands over them, smiling sweetly, others might have had a moment of hope. Eric knows better, though. He knows that they're going to suffer and squirm for her. They're going to shudder and scream and squish while she chuckles and grins, because they're nothing but her Little toys, and that's the kind of fun Katie likes to have.

♥ The story of Katie and Eric continues!
♥ The wicked teen giantess enjoys a deadly game with her tiny toys!
♥ Littles suffer and die beneath her pretty fingers and feet!
♥ Dramatically improved visuals made with the latest tech!
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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
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shrunken man, extreme pov, gore, sneaker crush, finger crush, handheld, inside box, group, tinies, littles, shrunken woman, shrunken people, jeans, teen, sneakers, gore, dirty, shoes, worship, obey, obedience, terrified, scared, table, poser, cg, comic, b

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