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Double Trouble Brother Trap

Hannah and Jess are very horny sister's who love getting off with each other when their parents aren't home. Unfortunately for their unwilling little brother, they decide to shrink him and use him as a toy in their little games. Seeing Hannah in just her underwear with the shrink ray in her hand, he knows whats coming and makes a move for the front door, only to be cut off by Jess coming down the stairs. He's turned around into Hannah who promptly reduces him to a more manageable size with the shrinking device. The girls loom over him, peeling off their underwear and letting their lacy items thunder to the ground. He's picked up and teased, he's small enough to eat - which they might just do or he can agree to be used as their sexual play thing. He's rested on Jess' stomach as Hannah straddles and grinds her before licking him up and emptying him into Jess's eager mouth, where he's greedily swapped from mouth to mouth. Hannah then tongues him against her sisters pussy where he struggles until she cums hard. His ordeal isn't over yet as Jess is eager to return the favor and swapping positions he's tongued, licked and slurped against Hanna's pussy, sensitive and eager to feel him struggling against it until she cums hard onto her brother and Jess's tongue. Wondering what to do with their new toy as they don't want him to tell their parents. They decide to keep him as their secret in a jar. Their parents will just think he ran away from home, not realizing their daughters use him as a toy, to be brought out only to help them satisfy their lusting for each other and desire to humiliate and bully their little brother.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
20:22 minutes
1920X1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sisters, mouth tease, shrunken brother, pussy licking, inside mouth, glossy lips, bra, panties, strip tease, pov, breasts, nipples, belly, tummy, thong, topless, long hair, lesbian, girls kissing, kisses, pink panties, ass, booty, ass cheeks, ass cheeks,

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