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Jess and Hanna's Little Secret

Hannah's brother has gotten shrunk in their house. He's managed to climb up onto a phone to try to text Hannah's to get her attention to rescue him. Hannah comes home early with her friend Jess. Their parents arn't due back for a while and they haven't seen Hannah's brother around and Jess comes onto Hannah and they start to make out thinking their home alone. Hannah's brother has different ideas now and have up the phone to start recording the girls secretly. It's only when Hanna goes to reach for something from her bag, she realises the phone on the table has been flipped up and is recording them, discovering Hannah's brother. Putting him on the carpet they tower over him, wondering what he found so sexy about it all. He's then dangled above their mouths as they debate swallowing him alive to teach him a lesson and soon end up swapping him from mouth to mouth, playing for possession of him. They get really horny and want him in their pussys. Hannah wins the argument that it's her brother so she should get tto have him. Jess fingers him into Hannah's pussy warning him he can either go in deep enough to make sure Hannah cums hard, but he risks drowning. Or, he doesn't go deep enough because he's scared of drowning, but ifJess's tongue gets hold of him he'll be dragged out and swallowed alive by her. Hannah writhes and groans as her brother squirms inside her as Jess eats out her pussy. Hannah cums and Jess fishes him out with her fingers. Lifting him up between their faces he says he's going to tell mum & dad on Hannah for doing that to him. Jess is keen to suggest Hannah eats him so he can't tell on her, but Hannah just couldn't swallow her own brother alive just so she wouln't get in trouble, she couldn't do that to him. Jess offers to do it instead which Hannah is happy to agree to. Jess swallows him as he struggles and screams down her throat into her stomach. Hanna rubs Jess's belly knowing their little secret will be kept a secret now in Jess's stomach.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
16:47 minutes
1920X1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
lesbians, unaware, kissing, knee high socks, long hair, hard nipples, lips, two girls, cell phone, brunette, brother, sister, tattoo, panties, short shirt, belly shirt, pov, strip tease, pervert, boobs, pink socks, close up, face, mouth, lick, mouth tease

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