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In Shoe and Swallowed Last

How long a gummy bear takes to digest, and how they don't need oxygen, is an advantage of turning shrunken people into gummy bears. They're close to shape, flavorful, enjoyable to swallow. Katelyn's taking the pleasure of all the before mentioned... and she has one squishing around in her shoe waiting to get eaten last. The ones in her ice cream can't move at all. Immobilized in her ice cream, they go into her mouth and down her cream covered tongue and wide open throat one at a time.

Now it's Jason's turn. Sheesh! He might have gotten crushed inside her shoe with all of his impatient attempts to get out. He was careful enough to save himself to get inside Katelyn's stomach. She licks him and enjoys him on her tongue for a short while and swallows him whole exactly like the former gummy bears.

*This video features four in-shoe views with realistic sound, every gummy bear is swallowed whole with open mouth slow motion, two of the in-shoe views are split screen so that you can see Katelyn's mouth at the same time, and this video also features a good amount of saliva string action with slow motion mixed into the bunch.*


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:39 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
in-shoe view, open mouth swallowing, slow motion, saliva strands, ice cream, gummy bears, eating, licking, inside shoes, under toes, close up, sneakers, sole, sneaker insole, red toe nails, glass cup, cup, desert, pink ice cream, big lips, lips, mouth, Ka

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