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A New Slave for Erica

Erica is preparing some cereal totally unaware of the little guy spying on her behind the spoon. Once she takes it she sees a little weird creature. At first, Erica thinks its just an insect and wonder about killing him. Maybe with her finger? He's so little... she takes a closer look on the bug and gets surprised as she realizes that it's not a disgusting ant but a real person.

A little tiny person who claims to be Bernie, his most beloved fan. Erica holds him in her hand and bring him close to her ear so she can hear his explanation: He just took the shrinking pills in order to get to her favorite porn actress place and be her pet. Erica can't help but laugh at that statement... She is the one who decides whether Bernie could be her little tiny pet... or not.

Actually he will have to gain his name with a test. Meanwhile he will be just "Slave" for Erica. She challenges him to climb her legs while she is sitting on the couch. If he make it over the kneel, he may get his name back. Erica's new slave accepts the challenge but it won't be as easy as he imagines... Erica feels a little bit playful and pushes him back down a few times just for fun. Once he finally reaches his goal he tries to also make it to her pussy, and that pisses Erica off.

She decides she'll keep her slave just for... dinner. In the cereal box he goes, waiting for her captor to come back anytime to have her living meal.


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
9:49 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
breakfast, table, shrunken, gentle, point of view, kiss, wife beater, tank top, handheld

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