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A Little Chat in her Tummy

Erica is full of eating little people and she has saved the best for last. She has her last slave inside a little cage, but soon she'll let him know what is he going through in the next hours. Erica wants to play a little before having her meal, she may even save him from his fatal fate at the end, though he has to make it during the sexual games her captor has in mind. She starts licking him up. A lot, she likes her victims pretty wet.

Then she plays with him on her breasts, smothering him a little between them, making him feel the warm and soft prison of her chest.

Then it's time for the real deal. Erica holds the little guy in front of her face while she warms herself up... until she decides it's time for him to know her gigantic wet labia. She inserts him inside and starts rubbing herself. It doesn't take too long for her to turn on and let passion lead the situation. She masturbates not even caring about the little life trapped inside her. The hell the slave is going through would feel for him like is forever, though she finally ends and takes him out just to tease him a little more. She smells her pussy juices from her slave body and taste it. She loved the taste and is more than willingly to eat her little prey, though is also exhausted and decides to take a nap. He'll sleep also in his new room, inside her panties.

While Erica is sleeping, a second guest gets to her room. He see the gigantic sexy girl lying naked on the couch and can't help but get closer to her. The little guy climbs up the sofa and walk all along her body 'till her enormous breasts. Erica feels something moving on her and she wakes up... for no good. She sees you, the little new guest, and looks surprised as she didn't know there were more slaves alive. Now she's really ready for her meal... She shows you how good does her other slave tastes and after playing a little bit she swallows him up. And we all know who's her next victim...don't we? She even makes you to get onto her tongue to get your deserved punishment!


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
16:34 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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