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Katelyn's Hungry Piss Slave

Katelyn was in such a rush to get to her business meeting this morning that she didn't give her slave a dish of her hot bodily fluid like usual. Her slave is so incredibly lucky because of how obedient his is. And now, it's time for him to have a nice big breakfast which Katelyn will make in front of his cage.

She's been saving it all day for him. Didn't piss one time while she was out. In fact, the only thing that was distracting her at her business meeting was the memory of eating a handful of her shrunken slaves yesterday. She likes to feed her slave shit too... but that'll be brewing until later.

It turns her slave on so so so much to listen to her talk about how much she enjoys feeling her shrunken slaves in her mouth, in her belly, and going through her digestive system. She'll do some more of that before he gets his meal.

He watches her eat a two wrongdoers which she has shrunken down. One will get sucked on and swapped from cheek to cheek with her juicy tongue while others get pushed deep into her asshole and up inside of her horny pussy. Her slave gets to lick her clean while she's enjoying herself above.

After she swallows the last tiny being, she lightly orgasms on her slaves face, servicing her from below. He then gets back in his cage to drink down his breakfast.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:57 minutes
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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    What a vew!

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