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Shrinking a Giantess

*FX video by LadyFyre*

Giantess Katelyn has been trying to help Lady Olivia Fyre understand the responsibilities of being a giantess. It's mostly about fun, but you have to understand what it's like to be a tiny person. Katelyn tells Olivia that she wants to roleplay with her: Katelyn will be the giantess, and Olivia will be the little. Olivia agrees. But then Katelyn says there's one more thing that will make Olivia feel more vulnerable: she has to strip. Olivia trusts Katelyn & her expertise, so she strips. Apparently Katelyn had more than roleplay in mind. She takes out her shrinking device & turns it on Olivia. Olivia yells "No! I don't want to be small for real," as she slowly begins to shrink.

Olivia wraps her arms around herself & freaks out for a minute before reassuring herself that it's only temporary. She just keeps shrinking though. Katelyn comforts Olivia, and explains that it's completely safe & it's for educational purposes only. Then Katelyn lies down on the carpet & gets close to the tiny giantess. She encourages Olivia to look around & to experience what it's like to be so small. Olivia tries to approach the situation with curiosity, experiencing how big the carpet fibers are, and how large Katelyn's face is. Katelyn tells Olivia to dance for her, and Olivia humors her for a bit, trying to have fun with being tiny for a while.

Then Katelyn gets really close & Olivia blows in the wind of Katelyn's breath. Katelyn puffs hard, and Olivia struggles to stand up. True to her word, Katelyn doesn't harm Olivia, and when she thinks she's learned her lesson about what it's like to be so small, she leaves her alone in the room, assuring her that the effects of the shrinking device will wear off in just a few minutes.


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Product Details:
Producer: Olivia Fyre
9:44 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
shrinking, shrunken woman, gentle, dancing, fx, special effects, sw, playful, Katelyn Brooks

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