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Katie, Episode One: New Toys

Littles are different things to different people. These inches-tall facsimiles of human life might be pests, curiosities, wild animals, or even pets. That's how they'd started for Katie, but from the first time years ago when she stomped on one, feeling one of her Littles squish and crunch beneath her shoe, she realized that there were far more interesting and exciting things she could do with them besides giving them names and keeping them in a box. She'd never felt anything like it, and the way her other pets stared at her, their fear and awe... all of it was just really, really cool. It felt good. It felt right, and that's why she goes through the tiny things like tissues now. She's always looking, always adding to her collection because they just break so easily, and to Katie, the breaking is the best part.

♥ Katie's big black leather boots crush helpless Littles with ease.
♥ Buying this comic will support the production of more artists' comics!
♥ Brutal, ruthless and cruel teen Katie dominates and destroys her Littles.
♥ The first episode of many telling the story of Katie and one particular Little man.
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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
21 HQ Photos
boots, crush, shrunken people, gore, cg comic, jeans, short hair, shrunken man, shrunken men, pov, short shorts, jean shorts, tank top, leopard, knee high socks, white socks, black boots, pocket, handheld, box, boot worship, bedroom, shrunken couple, pose

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