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Bad Husband Disposal Service

Miss James has invited you back to her flat after a night out for a drink, as she leads you inside her kitchen she produces a hidden shrink ray and reduces you to the size of a bug on her kitchen floor. Your hers now, she's pleased you're a much more manageable size. This is no random act, your wife has been long suspecting you've been cheating on her at bars so has hired Miss James to try to seduce you to test your faithfulness - if your not, then she is to shrink and dispose of you as she see's fit to avoid a protracted divorce for her client. However your not the only one she's caught out, and you soon join to other doomed men in their jars who were awaiting her return.

One of the others didn't even try to cheat on his wife, but she doesn't get paid unless he does, so she's just going to lie and tell his wife he did, if he's not around to say otherwise - then there's no problem. He's tipped into her mouth as she sadistically shows him off to the other men in jars to watch him scream and beg not to get swallowed as she gulps him down into her belly never to be seen again. If that's what she's prepared to do to an innocent man, they can just imagine the horrors in store for them.

Then next is also tipped into her mouth, but he slips out and tumbles into her huge cleavage. Miss James has to undo her dress to expose her giant tits to find him. Dirty pervert just can't resist her tits so on finding him decides to let him suffocate to death between them. She feels his frantic struggling get less and less as he suffocates but gets too excited and squeezes too hard popping him between her tits. She opens her boobs to find an unrecognizable mass of guts all over them. She scoops up heaps of his remains into her mouth, savoring him, greedily licking whats left off her fingers.

As she turns her attention to the last one, his jars been knocked over and he's escaped. He hasn't got far and she slams her bare foot down in front of him, discouraging any further escape. She should crush him like a bug, that would be a good punishment to have his bones and guts splatter under her foot like a worthless little bug. Though all this talk of crushing and killing has got her feeling a bit horny and he's sent tumbling into her panties.

All his scrambling over her clit to escape is working her over as she tells him his fate is to drown when her pussy juices gush into her panties. Rubbing her panties as he squirms against her clits she cums as he drowns. Fished out of her panties she swallows the body to finish the job and get a nice little payment for her trouble, as well as a satisfied pussy.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
17:45 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, insertion, boob crush, shrunken pov, tall, white dress, blonde, bangs, shrinking, slow shrink, white high heels, long legs, upskirt, glass jar, glass jar pov, breastheld, between breasts, boob cam, bare feet, mature feet, foot wrinkles, wrinkly fee

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