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Schoolgirl Gets off to Crushing Nerdy ex's Toys

Katelyn's ex is harassing her about a couple vintage toys. He said that he left them over at her house a little before they broke up. Katelyn is so sick of hearing about his stupid fucking toys that she doesn't really give a shit if he did or didn't. However, today at school he insisted he had, and wants them back. Exasperated, Katelyn calls her current boyfriend to vent about her ridiculously nerdy ex. After she gets off the phone she heads upstairs to the spare bedroom to see if his toys are somewhere around.

It doesn't take Katelyn long to find them... Seeing them infuriates her about her past relationship, since they remind her of all the times her ex seemed to care more about his dumb toys than spending time with her! In a spiteful tantrum she decides that it'd be much better to get revenge than return his little pathetic toys. Smashing, kicking, and crushing the expensive playthings (not that he actually played with them, "It would lose it's value!") using just the soles of her sexy, monstrous heeled boots!

But this is only the beginning. Mere foreplay. Sopping wet from demolishing the first of his precious pieces of plastic, she's ready for a good fuck!

Coincidentally, Katelyn's boyfriend arrives, and things really heat up. The two begin to fuck. Her boyfriend deep dicks her while she utterly destroys the last toy. After it is sufficiently pounded to smithereens, she focus's on enjoying the rock hard cock her ex could never give her.


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Product Details:
Producer: KateCore
10:10 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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