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Sucked into Katelyn's Kisses

Katelyn has caught herself a diver who had been hiking from the ocean, in the woods, near her home. After inviting him back to her place, she immediately had shrunk him down to be her horny plaything. When night roles around, it's off to the bedroom where she can do anything she wants to his shrunken little body. Though, what really gets her off, is simply giving big sucking, sloppy kisses!

Katelyn agressively takes advantage of the tiny man with her voluptuous mouth. Pressing her full steamy lips to his tiny little head, she gets more and more excited until she's eventually engulfing it entirely within her succulent maw. Good thing he's a diver, other wise he may not survive having to hold his breath for as long as she keeps her lips pressed to his tiny face. If he was any lesser man, he would certainly not have survived the barrage of dripping wet mouth-play.

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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:17 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
doll sized, french kiss, head sucking, breast smother, mouth, big lips, spit, saliva, kissing, bedroom, bed, night, captive, tongue, trapped, underneath boobs, on top, body weight, laid on, Katelyn Brooks

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