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Demonic Exam 6: Trial of your Shrunken Fate

Lela has pulled away from Zhi, Miss Alice, and Maya to tend to her own duties as a death bringer. She deeply enjoys her task of dealing afterlife judgement to those on her hit list, even though it is all very serious businesss. You could say she even gets off to it! However, this time things are a little different... Amid one of her jobs, a law enforcing officer is caught up in Lela's assault on a group of convicts. Unfortunately since she has already killed them all by pulling them into the supernatural realm with her, she cannot undo anything to correct her mistake. But she can compensate her unforeseen, beautiful victim. In this instance, Lela hands over the reigns of Judge, Jury, and Executioner to the busty mortal. Kicking back, and only encouraging the woman as she dispatches the shrunken criminals one by one in the hottest fashions. Vore, crush, and sinister games abound in this chapter of Demonic Exam 6: Meet your Giantess Judges!

♥ 29 glorious CG17 illustrations! SM, crush, vore, internal digestion!
♥ A busty police officer abuses her afterlife pupose: executioner!
♥ A group of overachieving sinners fail to escape their brutal fate!
♥ Later, Lela divulges a smoldering twist... what'll happen next?
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Product Details:
Producer: CG17
29 HQ Photos
shrunken group, crush, vore, internal, digestion


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  1. dan roth's Avatar
    dan roth
    AMAZING! Can't wait to see Lela swallows her, I hop she will do most of the Vore scenes next time rether than someone else.

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