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Eaten by Friends

Jo's been getting turned on every time he goes over to his friends house. His fantasy? He wants to get shrunken to the size of a sandwich, so he can fit inside one, and then EATEN alive while they FUCK! They're such an unaware tease to his fetish... so he THOUGHT!

Katelyn has a habit of checking men out from head to toe and noticed that Jo gets a boner anytime they eat cheese while he's over. They haven't revealed anything to him yet because they're going to plan a good time for his next visit. They're both welcoming to accepting fetishists into their relationship for a night of fun and Jo will soon have the night of his... life (to his surprise!).

That's right! The night has come and has started. They held off telling him at first, but Katelyn tells him what's up first thing when she opens the door. The shrunken fun begins with him inside one hell of a sexy sloppy cheese sandwich. They fuck while fulfilling Jo's fantasy and eating him alive bite by bite, and Katelyn lets Drevdrev have a bite of him too!

*This video features a shrunken pov shot inside my Sandwich!*


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Product Details:
Producer: KateCore
15:37 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
cuckold, sandwich vore, sex, endoscope, eating, shrunken pov, giant couple, giantess couple, friend, cheese fetish, sloppy sandwich, mouthcam, fucking, kitchen, counter, bent over, Katelyn Brooks, Drevon, Drevdrev

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