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Incredibly Flirty Mouth Tease 2

Get on the bed with Katelyn Brooks and Lady Olivia Fyre to get an incredibly flirty close up mouth tease from them! Their tease is filled with smiles, giggles, and flirty expressions with no fetish dialogue, which gives a very real life feel. If you want to leave the mouth tease a complete surprise for when you watch the video then this is your spoiler alert...

They draw you in close to their mouths by licking their lips, blowing you kisses, opening their mouths, going after you with their tongues, sticking out their tongue in playful ways and more! You get in really close and go back and forth between Katelyn and Olivia's mouth... you can't get enough of either!


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Product Details:
Producer: Lady Fyre Trade
6:47 minutes
1280x720 H.264
mouth fetish, mouth tease, flirty, lips, tongue, teeth, red lips, pink lips, pov

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