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Shrunken Slave Swallowed Alive

Charley keeps her shrunken petin a jar, peering in wondering what to do to him today. She decides she'll have a think about it and come back. When she does, he's knocked the jar over and made a run for it, she hunts for him and thinking she spots a bug on the floor while searching decides to try to stomp it under her flip flops, but keeps missing as it scurries. She stoops down to realize it's not a bug, it's her shrunk pet. She lies down for a closer look, abusing him for still being horny even when his life is in danger of being crushed under her feet. She's so sexy to him it only takes her feet to make him cum, so she lets him, sitting back she takes her flip flops off and watches as he can't stop himself taking his dick out and wanking over her feet. He cums on her sole; annoyed she tries to grab him but misses and grabs the jar to trap him under as he scurries away. Capturinging him she tells him he's about to get ate. He pleads not to as she tips him into her waiting mouth, crunching him into pieces and swallowing him down as punishment for annoying her.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
12:35 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
jar pov, long nails, big boobs, big lips, cleavage, ass cleavage, sandals, short shorts, jean shorts, dark hair, breast smother, pink nails, bare soles, long toe nails, crop top, inside jar, shrunken pov, green eyes, vore, Charley Atwell

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