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Olivia Captures & Fucks Air Force One

Lady Fyre is just hanging out in her living room masturbating on the couch when she hears a strange noise. She ignores it at first, but then it gets louder. She looks up & sees an airplane! "What is an airplane doing in my house?" she says. You're inside this misguided plane, and what a scary experience it is. A huge woman masturbating right in front of you. The pilot turns the plane, and you can see the giantess through the side window. Disoriented, the pilot flies the plane right at her, and boy what a mistake that is. Lady Fyre puts up her hand & easily captures your craft. Her booming voice vibrates the plane, "You must've come through that portal my friends told me about," and she turns the plane sideways to peer into the windows. "Mr. President? Are you in there?"

What comes next is even more absurd than discovering that giantesses exist. This giant woman decides that since your airplane interrupted her masturbation session, she's going to use you as a dildo. She puts the plane into her pussy. You can hear the wet sucking sounds as she slides you in & out. You'd heard rumors about giantesses. There were whispers in the White House, but you wrote them off as conspiracy theories. She finally climaxes, then... she pets the airplane. She's actually petting you like you're some kind of little creature there for her amusement. Suddenly it hits you how small & insignificant you are. Then she tells your pilot that she's going to let you go because she'd hate for army planes to come for her. The pilot starts the plane's engines, and this giant woman sends you on your way. Man, do you have some stories to tell.


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Product Details:
Producer: Olivia Fyre
1920x1080 H.264
giantess, insertion, shrunken airplane, pov, special effects, sfx, fx, Lady Olivia Fyre

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