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Planted in Katelyn's Sandwich by her Jealous Boyfriend

Katelyn's boyfriend has been up to absolutely no good because of his jealousy. While she was having a fun time with her girlfriends tonight, he went to each of her guy friends, and one of her girl friends house and used his secret shrinking device on them. Soon, he won't ever have to think about them again, and he's carefully placed them in her favorite sandwich, knowing that she'll eat them all unaware to finish his job. (Not seen)

Now she's home and is in awe from DrevDrev making her favorite sandwich! She's hungry and dives right in with her salivating mouth. Totally unaware of her friends which are shrunken and trapped in her sandwich and in her drink, she consumes it all with deep pleasure. Maybe DrevDrev is out getting her desert?! She happily eats the sandwich, just as he'd wanted her to do, that way she gets lost in the enjoyment... and he knows how she likes to play with her food when no one is around. Especially when she starts getting full. And not having to see it, it'll feel a lot less guilty for him with knowing what happened.

She finishes the sandwich and two cups of water and heads off, burping, to go call her friends. She'll do it while DrevDrev is out, because he jealousy is really cute but she doesn't want to do anything to contribute to it like texting her guy friends and her lesbian friend in front of him. (End)

In a few minutes, she'll find out they're still not answering... and he'll come home before she gets to call and check up on any of them. (Not seen)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:25 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
unaware vore, sandwich, unaware in glass, drinking, eating, food, chewing, naked shrunken people, shrunken friends, licking, glass of water, jealous, girlfriend, vorarephilia, Katelyn Brooks

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