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Dani's Toybox

Dani's home alone from school and takes out her little toys box. Peering in, she picks who to play with first. With his head pinched between her fingers she enjoys watching him struggle and plead as she increases pressure, more, more, more POP! as she gleefully licks his brains off her fingers before clumsily letting his corpse fall to the floor. The next person is lifted up as Dani explains how wet and warm and inviting her mouth is and how much it will turn her on. He doesn't even struggle as he slips down her throat alive. The next person isn't willing to go down so easy, fighting desperately to hang on thwarting Dani's attempts to swallow him as he fights for his life. Dani tells him how silly he's being, there's only one way this will end and that's with him sliding down her throat he may as well just give in now and let himself tip down her throat. As he struggles and fights Dani puts her giant finger in her mouth pushing him to the back of her tongue as she tries to gulp him, but he's desperate not to be swallowed alive and manages to fight his way back from the edge of her wet maw. Despite avoiding to be gulped a number of times, there was only ever going to be one winner in this game of cat and mouse as he's finally swallowed alive down the back of Dani's throat as she says how silly he was for trying to resist her. Grabbing a palmful of pleading people, she laps them up as she fingers them around her mouth groaning at the sensation of so many people squirming on her tongue as the entire group is sensually swallowed all in one. She decides to use the rest of her 'toys' to play with her in her favorite way, when she pulls her panties forward and tips the people into them where her wet, hungry pussy awaits.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
15:59 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, schoolgirl, glasses, shrunken pov, braids, big lips, manicure, finger held, blue eyes, blonde, thumb, pointer finger, head squeazing, held by head, licking, lips, finger sucking, finger licking, mouth, box view, inside box, saliva, palm, red pantie

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