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Gentle Jasmine Lil B Play

A very gentle and soothing Jasmine finds Littlebee on the floor. Knowing he likes to play, she teases and rubs him with her sexy feet saying how she will look after him. Showering him with gentle kisses she tries to store him between her gigantic boobs, but they're so big he slips down the gap and she has to fish him out. She worries he'll just get lost in them and might not be safe. With no pockets she decides to put him somewhere soft, warm and delicious...and puts him in her panties as the safest place for him. He can't resist and starts playing with the gentle giants pussy, making her squirm as she asks him politely to stop. She warns him he'll make her cum, but he won't listen as his giantess is powerless to his touch as she squirms and whimpers until she cums. Having control of herself again she takes him out of her panties, licking her cum off him. Pleased with the naughty surprise he gave her, but not wanting to be reduced to a quivering wreck in public, she decides to store him in her boobs once more to keep him out of mischief!

*This was originally a free custom for Little Bee for winning a collage competition. The little person is referred to as "LittleBee" throughout.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
9:21 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
gentle, red toenails, between boobs, hands, handheld, carpet, toe play, toe grabbing, long black hair, big lips, hard nipples, tank top, protective giantess, safe, lace panties, pussy hair, panty pov, masturbation, between legs, manicure, licking, kissing

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