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Midnight Goddess

Things were not looking good for them. At barely a half a centimeter tall, the world around them was large and dangerous. Their environment was unforgiving, terrifying, and worse yet, food was sparse. Foolishly of course, they first tried searching for food during the day, only to meet the very Girl who's massive house they now struggled to survive in. In just the first few days of searching several lives were lost... thanks mostly to the giant Girl who they now desperately lived off of... and feared.

The Girl who owned their world was larger than a skyscraper, and the ground shook where ever she walked. To her... they were bugs. Pests. Insects. Things to be crushed and thought nothing of. Trying to get Her attention, as they quickly and tragically learned, was a mistake. Oh, she would notice them. But not as people... as bugs. Unable to hear their screams or simply ignoring the tiny sounds they made, her enormous feet were all that those striving to be saved ever received- followed shortly by a horrific death underneath Her huge, soft warm soles.

Not knowing Her divine name, they quickly came to call the Girl who shook their world simply as, "The Giantess"... "The Goddess"... and... "Her".

She was no ordinary Girl either. Unfortunately for them, she loved power. She was nothing short of a Goddess. The bugs at her feet -whether it was them or actual insects- were not just killed, but enjoyed. Their terror, their pain, their helplessness, and their deaths fueled her. To be a helpless spec crushed under her massive bare foot was only to provoke her... resulting in Her soft divine soles covered in mangled victims...

The last life to be lost before they changed their struggling ways was Mellissa's. She was brave and determined to find a source of food for those she loved. Risking her very existence in her search, she alone managed to climb high up into the Giantess's world... only to tragically fall into the clothing of the unaware Giantess, never to be heard from again.

Starting that very evening, they agreed that crumbs would be hunted for at night, long after the Goddess had retreated to the upstairs to read her romance novels and fall asleep...

It was Midnight, and the quiet chirping of crickets could be heard outside. It was dark, the moon drifting in and out of the clouds. To many it seemed almost futile searching for crumbs now on the vast and barren floor of Her kitchen. They were hungry, scared, and scattered. That is, until Kaylee noticed a dark shape in the distance. It was far too big to be a crumb, but far to small to be an item of the Goddess's. After quite some convincing, Tim and Pete reluctantly followed her.

By the time they arrived the size of the mysterious shape had become apparent. To them, it was easily the size of a house! Kaylee made it there first and for the first time in days, she saw HOPE! For there, towering over her excited tiny-self was a huge, half eaten COOKIE carelessly dropped by the Giantess earlier that day!

She excitedly started yelling for Tim and Pete. They were finally saved! Or... so they thought.

♥"Midnight Goddess" (31.5 minutes) high quality
♥ 12 minute long Personal Commentary on the movie and more by yours truly
♥ 22 Super-High-Res Ant Crush Photos from my next movie, "The Girl Next Door"
♥ 5 minute Bonus POV clip


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
31:37 minutes
22 HQ Photos
x zip
giantess special effects, vore, bare foot crush, shrunken people, shrunken man, shrunken woman, foot fetish, soles, pink nails, pov, point of view, cookie, milk, goddess, black chemise, night, kitchen floor, blood, gore, Katelyn Brooks


12 Reviews and Counting...

  1. SilverFlame's Avatar
    I still remember seeing clips from Katelyn's first days on the Giantess City forums: minute or so long clips that usually featured her playing with a toy vehicle or person of some kind. To watch one of those clips and then to watch Midnight Goddess is quite the experience. Let me put it bluntly: Midnight Goddess is the best giantess video I have ever seen. The sheer amount of dedication that Katelyn put into this is absolutely apparent. The cinematography and special effects are really unmatched in giantess videos, especially considering most people still release videos of them playing with action figures. Katelyn has gone so far above that, often making you feel as if you are right there in the action, which is obviously what I'm sure many of us want. I can actually say this is the first giantess video to give me a tiny dose of the fear a person would feel at such a tiny size. The use of the camera is extremely effective in making her appear to be a giant, and she naturally plays it up so well that she becomes, well, terrifying. I genuinely felt concerned for some of the little people! It actually felt like some kind of horror movie at parts. You don't even see Katelyn's entire face until several minutes into the movie, and it just makes things so much more mysterious and frightening. The special effects are brilliant, too. The little people genuinely feel like they are part of the world. You won't think "Well, that's just a person standing in front of a green screen" while looking at them. It's extremely well done. The video is mostly crush-oriented, but it samples from enough fields that I'm sure everyone will be satisfied, especially with the excellent level of teasing and talking that Katelyn does while on her little rampage. Katelyn, you have a gift for making these kinds of videos. I can't wait to see your next one.
  2. VergilVox's Avatar
    Having watched many of Katelyn's other videos i was expecting something pretty special. Midnight Goddess far surpassed my expectation, the whole film is incredible. The graphics are seamlessly wozen into the film and at no point does it actaully look fake (they could in fact be shrunken people). The acting is passionate immersing you in to the story line of the film. The fantasy side of the film doesn't disappoint at all, there are many different aspect of the fantasy included in the film and all fit within the story of the film. This film is incredible and you can really see the effort and love put into it, making it a cut above any other giantess movie i have ever seen. Amazing work Katelyn, eagerly awaiting your next project.
  3. MarkM's Avatar
    This is only a comment because Midnight Goddess is so darn good that I cannot review it. I just cant find the words to do it justice. My brain is still working overtime trying to process this fantastic fantasy of Katelyns. I could never have imagined Giantess any better than this in all my wildest dreams. If I did not know better I would sware those people were really shrunk too! Are there any missing person reports in the area? I think Midnight Goddess is Katelyns Masterpiece and I feel forever indebted to her for such a treasure. Truly made Giantess come to life for me! Thank You Katelyn!!! (You need 10 hearts for this one! Five isn't enough)
  4. bauerpower24's Avatar
    ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING As someone who has purchased well over 60 clips from Katelyn, I can attest that this is her best work to date. The passion with which she filmed this definitely shines through. The images are stunning. The sound is horrifying. Katelyn makes you feel like you're there. Don't go looking on the net for a better Giantess FX movie. YOU SIMPLY WON'T FIND IT!! FIVE STARS IS DEFINITELY NOT ENOUGH! IT DESERVES 50!!!
  5. Anonymous's Avatar
    This is the most clever, hott, witty, sensual preview clip =). I have seen many and being an avid macrophilla (recieving end) eversince i was 8 and saw a girl steppping on an ant (grins), this is great !!! Far too many clips show little emotion,little effort in creating character and dialogue.She does it better than Hollywood with her special effects.Katelyn's expression, her slow sensual confident character is very alluring, she oooozes power =). IM so jealous of the little people under such a sensual Goddesses soles=D.Mega praise for a Mega Babe! =)
  6. Robert's Avatar
    Its wonderful,nice and incredible.Kate,my ranking of 1-10 is...100!
  7. Bill Thumb's Avatar
    Bill Thumb
    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks, Hello there. Your Midnight Goddess film is great!! I really enjoyed it & the special effects were awesome - seeing the men so tiny was very cool! Loved all your close-ups, the ones of your beautiful face, & the sexy ones too. The low angles were great too, & I did so enjoy the scenes of the tiny men running on you. The only suggestions I have would be to have a scene of the tiny men standing in your palm. Then we could also see a lovely low angle p-o-v of your pretty face looking down at them in your hand. And I'll look out for all your upcoming Giantess / shrunken man videos! Sincerely, Bill Thumb
  8. Rafael's Avatar
    Great movie end i love ants crush !!!! I waiting for The Girl Next Door ....... kisses
  9. Rob's Avatar
    Absolutely fabulous Katelyn! I loved the screaming and the dialog. Words escape me! One word AWESOME!
  10. juan carlos's Avatar
    juan carlo...
    son geniales estos videos
  11. qzpmfg's Avatar
    I love it very much
  12. MissK's ant's Avatar
    MissK's an...
    I am a fan from China. It has been 10 years since the release of this film. The special effects technology 10 years ago has come to the present. It is the best special effects film I think so far. The perfect special effects, the perfect goddess, the perfect foot, the perfect body, the perfect expression and the perfect performance make me unable to extricate myself from this film for 10 years. It's a pity that you haven't made any special effects movies like this again. It's a pity for the whole circle. I hope you can cooperate with the original special effects artists to launch similar special effects movies. I'd like to be your sponsor. My goddess, can you reply to me, goddess? Admire your little ant. (Vocabulary is machine-translated. Excuse me for the incoherence.)

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