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An Elite Army's Futile Giantess Mission

It's unfortunate that the government sent out a few groups of their Elite Army to take down Giantess Katelyn. Who was the genius that convinced the others she wouldn't simply grow into a Giantess, like she has been on her recent and bountiful Giantess rampages? Well, anyway, turns out he guessed right about that... but what NONE of them fathomed was Katelyn taking in all of their teams by shrinking them. Can't blame them for not knowing, since this is a power she hasn't revealed or spoken of yet as far as they know.

Not only are they now bug sized compared to her, not only are they going to die a horrible death to her mercy, but it's going to be uncontrollably *orgasmic* to them as she takes all of their lives for her sadistic pleasure. A pleasant side effect to her shrinking magic, for sure. Their little screams and pleads are barely audible. Taking them each and few at a time, she makes them all cum and mocks them while they suffer their inevitable fate beneath her sneakers, between her boobs and in her sports bra, and a few inside her shorts.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
23:12 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sneaker crush, hand crush, boob crush, soles, army, soldiers, shrunken, props, groups, group, in panties, short shorts, sports bra, athletic outfit, belly, stomach, sneakers, Katelyn Brooks

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