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Not So Funny Game

Amarna wakes up shrunk in the middle of someone's room. She discovers it's Ambers, a friend of the girl she killed a few weeks ago. Amarna seeks desperately for help by leaving a voice message on her phone to her boyfriend, Dan. Anyway, Amber catches her and then calls Dan just to tell him that she is going to have a lot of fun with his now tiny little girlfriend.

And indeed, she does. She starts rubbing her smelly and dirty feet all over Amarna as well as the little girl did just two weeks earlier with Ambers friend. Ambers plans become more playful than evil as she starts to like the idea of keep playing with little Amarna despite of killing her, so she decides to play in a naughty way. She just fuck her, and she likes it so much that she decides on going on a party with her hidden in her shoes. Once she is all dressed up, Dan shows up seeking for rescuing his girlfriend. Would he rescue her? Don't miss Ambers vengeance over the partners of "Funny Game".


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
24:30 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken woman, handheld, feet, pussy, blue nails, licking, finger held, panties

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