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Bound into a Shrunken Orgy

Wanting to have an orgy with her boyfriend, who feels differently, Katelyn Brooks buys two potions from a tarot shop owner: a aphrodisiac potion and a shrinking potion. She had also purchased a chalice that he had his eyes on the last time they went out- and later that evening, he gladly accepted the honors of taking the first sip from it.

Half an hour later, he wakes up tied to the bed in nothing but socks... with Katelyn ontop of his growing cock. He gets an uncontrollable, pleasurable, hard on from the aphrodisiac, so after she rides him for a few minutes she pulls out her next surprise -the shrunken people- and he doesn't resist. They can barely hold on to his pubic hair regardless she's going gentle on them.

The hornier she gets the less she cares about their survival. After she cums, one is still deep inside of her pussy and the other three nearly get drenched in her boyfriends cum- he convulses, nearing-orgasm, as she jacks him off above them in her hand to finish the night. Now they'll be living the rest of their lives out as Katelyn's personal sex slaves.


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Product Details:
Producer: KateCore
13:53 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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