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Perv Shrinking App

Katelyn & I are working out at the gym when we notice that you are staring at us again. We've seen you several times now, and we're getting annoyed. Katelyn whispers to me that she has a shrinking app on her phone that works really well. I tell her I want to see it in action. She turns it on, and you shrink. As we stare down at you, we show off our breasts. How do you like being closer to us? I ask her what would happen if she pushed the button on the app again, so she pushes it & you shrink even more. We show off our asses in our yoga pants, as you stare up at us, hoping we don't lose our balance & squash you. Katelyn pushes the button a third time & you shrink so far down that you're the size of a bug. She lifts her foot, and her giant gym shoe looms over you. She taunts you, saying that she'd love to step on you. But I tell her it will be more fun to play with you.

She picks you up & puts you in her shirt, so you can stare up at her from between her breasts. Then I put you in my pants & make you inhale my sweat. She makes you lick her armpit sweat, but then decides I should keep you in my pants so she doesn't play too rough with you. How's it feel to be just a tiny man, helpless to fend off two giantesses? You finally got what you want, perv: the closest possible view of our bodies.

This high quality video features Giantess voice sound effects! ;)

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Product Details:
Producer: Olivia Fyre
10:38 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
shrinking, giantess, sweat, gym shoes, sneakers, big tits, ass smothering, crush, shrunken pov, inside pants, inside bra, breast held, inside shirt, yoga pants, Giantess voice, sound fx, Lady Fyre, Katelyn Brooks

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