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Fucking and Crushing the Shrunken Bus Escapees

Days after Katelyn fucked and crushed the bus in A Bus Full of Pleasure, she gets out of her morning shower to find that a group of the passengers had escaped the bus and have been living in her panty drawer. With nothing to eat, their survival instinct kicked from hiding under her panties to escaping to find food. Crawling up her mountain of panties, the worst of worst happens- she opens the drawer and, deadly to them, she discovers them all upon looking down to choose a pair of panties.

They may be starving, to her unknowing, but it's not like she'd really care anyway... especially with how horny she is. They find out that she was thinking of how she fucked and crushed the very buss they escaped from and how she's in the mood to fuck some more shrunken people. Their hunger turns to sheer terror as she hovers her pussy and ass in the, what should be, free world above them. You can guess what comes next...

After plucking them out one by one, they all meet their fate between her boobs, in her pussy folds, rubbed into her G-spot, and crushed under her ass as she cums a second time. Did they really think she was serious when she said she'd spare them if they made her cum? HA. Ha. Ha!

Victoria's Secret sounds pretty good as for what to do next. On the way out... another group of escapees gets crushed in the waist high carpet that they were trapped in. When will tinies finally realize that they should avoid carpet and rugs at all times possible? It seems like the perfect place to hide and cushion, just incase, but it's always a fucking TRAP!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:30 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
insertion, ass, masturbation, crush, barefoot, foot fetish, pussy, asshole, boobs, nipples, group, shrunken people, props, shrunken pov, hand fetish, handheld, fingers, finger fetish, pov from drawer, panty drawer, toes, Katelyn Brooks


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