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La Petite Mort

A tiny man creeps along the floor, exploring the uncharted territories outside of his cage. He finds himself in a bedroom and climbs to the top to get a better view.- and he most certainly does!!! There is Isabelle Shy in all Her naked giant splendor, sleeping on the bed!

She is completely unaware of his tiny body as he climbs up onto Her leg and begins to climb along Her calf, up Her thigh...traveling quietly along the length of Her bare leg up to Her ass- a Giant beautiful mountain.

He climbs up and jumps down between Her giant thighs, touching Her in the most sacred of places until She begins to respond to what he is doing...even while She sleeps.

99% POV!!! 100% unaware!

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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
13:00 minutes
1280x720 H.264
unaware, shrunken man, sm, pov, naked, nude, sleeping, bare feet, hands, hair, booty, tattoos, fetish, alt model, asleep, grinding, sexual, sensual, masturbation, ass, butt, behind, back, body exploration, body climbing, Isabelle Shy

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