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Fucking on top of my ex's Crushed Toys

Katelyn's ex thinks he's going to get his sentimental Star Wars toys back... and he is, but not as one would assume. Anytime Katelyn got near his toys while they were together, it was of such high concern to him that she not touch them. He was afraid of any harm happening to them and it came between them even anytime something as simple as cleaning was getting done.

Therefore, as you'll probably guess with them in Katelyn's possession, they're the perfect target for some ex relationship fume.

She crushes them to absolute smithereens under her Nike sneakers. BUT! That's not all... her new man walks into to the rooms, just out of the shower, naked, to see if she wants to have some fun. Of course she does! They fuck over the remains of her ex's toys and then she boxes up the broken pieces and leaves them in a box, written on for her ex, on the front door step. Think he'll like his surprise?

This video includes an epic amount of slow motion of the toy's getting crushed, destroyed and exploding beneath Katelyn's Nike sneakers!!


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Product Details:
Producer: KateCore
15:23 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sneaker fetish, toy crush, slow motion, sex, GFE, ex girlfriend, ex boyfriend, athletic outfit, work out shorts, spandex, sports bra, working out, Star Wars, angry girlfriend, legs, calves, socks and sneakers, oral, pussy licking, fingering, cock, dick, f


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