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Forced to Clean Giantess' Ass

Olivia comes home from a long day & she's extra sweaty & gross because she forgot to wear panties. She notices you-- the little people she has trapped in a jar. You've been cowering there all day, wondering what the giantess will do with you when she comes home, and now you're about to find out. She unscrews the jar, and you all try to run away but she plucks your friend from the depths as though he's not even a person at all. Then she picks up another of your friends. And then... she sees you. You try to escape, but it's no use. She has no regard for the feelings of little men, as she sticks two of them to her asshole & orders them to clean it. You're made to watch, helpless, and she squishes them into the wrinkles of her anus & moves them around with her finger, ordering them to lick faster. When she's done, she still doesn't feel clean. You've been watching this whole time, and she thinks you'll do a better job. But, she explains, you'll have to clean the inside. She doesn't even wait for your tiny reply before plunging you headlong into her smelly butt. She doesn't trust you to work hard enough, so she moves your body around & around, giving you a swirly inside her. And yet for this powerful giantess it's still not enough. She says you'll have to stay there for a while, and pushes you deep in there with her finger. You'll be trapped for who knows how long.

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Product Details:
Producer: Olivia Fyre
11:37 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
shrunken pov, glass jar, asshole insertion, fingers, hands, blue eyes, red hair, purple nails, pussy, pussy hair, cleavage, fingering asshole, pushed into asshole, ass, butt, asshole fucking, anal, Giantess Olivia, Lady Fyre

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