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Bratty Jasmine's Room

Jasmine Jae fishes some little people out of her cleavage she's found today and adds them to the other people already in a little box she's been keeping as her toys. As she ponders what to do with her little toys, she decides she likes sprinkles and sticks some of them onto her lollipop. They struggle, scream and plead as if that will stop her doing what she likes, as she licks the people off as they desperately try to hang onto her tongue, but are swallowed alive with ease as Jasmine delights in the sensation of people going down her throat and struggling inside her tummy. Group after group is swallowed alive as she tells them they can't hang on and stop themselves being swallowed to be digested into nothing in her stomach. When she's completely stuffed, she still has people left, so tips them into her panties. They try to stop themselves, but Jasmine forces them into her wet cunt easily as they struggle against her as she stuffs them in deep until she cums, drowning them. Dropping the drowned bodies into her mouth to be swallowed to hide the evidence.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
11:20 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
cleavage, breastheld, big lips, vore, lolipop, belly, box, belly ring, long hair, black hair, licking, trapped, eating, sucking, lip fetish, tongue, nipples, porn star, pow panties, digestion, masturbation, panty fetish, pov, Jasmine Jae

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