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Foolishly Testing a Giantess' Patience

Marshmallows on my treadmill? What the fuck?! Katelyn's shrunken men have been mischief-makers for the last several days, leaving no relaxation time for her since she's been patient with training them into obedience. They don't even realize how special they should feel. Her tolerance with disobedience typically lasts a few minutes... hours... or days at best.

But even a (rare) patient giantess will only put up with so much until a shrunken man gets what's ultimately coming his way.

Determined to have her relaxation time, she slightly ignores their annoying attempts to interrupt her workout by throwing marshmallows onto the treadmill belt. Instead of getting annoyed, she actually eats a few and then starts masturbating with her hitachi want since oral action gets her horny! Her comically rude shrunken men will stop to no avail and they go to the length of ramming into her body parts in an RC car in attempt to distract her pleasure.

Being ignored only makes them more determined to get what they want, so when they see the opportunity to run into her boobs they go for it. Katelyn first made use of their bad behavior by enjoying the extra vibrations of the car running into her body but enough is enough. Without notice, she wrecks their car into the floor with her bare hand and then ruthlessly crushes it under her bare foot with pretty much no interruption to her masturbation.

She cums while crushing two of the survivors under her bare foot. There's more to hunt down for later, after she gets cleaned up and finishes her workout. Thanks to them, she's back to having a slim tolerance for the foolish behaviors of shrunken men and women.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:32 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
barefoot crush, walking, masturbation, shrunken men, toes, toe fetish, toe nails, boobs, ass, eating, marshmallows, spandex shorts, sports bra, gym, athletic outfit, hitachi wand, vibrator, sex toy, nike, sandals, ignoring, mischief, mischievous, foolish,

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