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The Shrunken Class's Sex Ed Lesson

Ms. Motts was happy that her shrinking serum worked, but someone's filling in for her today while she develops an antidote to return the class back to their normal size. It requires her full, undivided attention. Ms. Brooks, the substitute, has a lesson in mind that'll come in handy for the rest of everyone's lives-- unlike the typical teacher lecture.

Any guesses what she'll be teaching? That's right... SEX ED! The shrunken class gets a hands on lesson with the Giantess sized teacher. They learn: foreplay, kissing, boob play, clit stimulation, and sex. BUT! Ms. Brooks wants them to give their first orgasm to their lovers, so she kindly holds back from fucking them until she cums. Up next everyone will be quizzed on what they learned today!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:44 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken class, teacher, sex ed, insertion, clit, lips, french kissing, glass, licking, table, classroom, boobs, shrinking serum, substitute, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. JayToms's Avatar
    I forgot I had this one!!! I remember purchasing this one back with I was in college and fantasized how cool this would be if it happened for real! Again, he lighting and details are really shown in this video! The quality is unmatched and you won't regret it if you purchase it

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