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Funny Game

"I bet you that you won't last 10 minutes, and you bet me that you will."

Amarna has been recently told about a girl that has been threatening and insulting her on twitter as she is jealous of her boyfriend. Despite Amarna's gentle mood, she wants to assure that this girl never try to treat her like this again, so she decides to punish her and call her boyfriend in order to make him aware about the whole situation. Little did the tiny girl know that her beloved guy has different plans for her: He wants Amarna to play, tease and her and kill her. Will she survive??

Watch Amarna play's an evil "Funny Game" with the jealousy tiny little helpless girl. Who do you think would win? vore, handheld, bare soels, shrunken woman, hand fetish, platform sandals, toes, sound effects, screaming, cell phone, pictures, subtitles, Amarna Miller


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
9:07 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, handheld, bare soels, shrunken woman, hand fetish, platform sandals, toes, sound effects


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  1. Chuck's Avatar
    This video has one of the coolest starts I've seen in quite a while: the whole darkness, the impending menace, all that feeling of the helpless victim and the intimidating predator-to-be... It's eerie and hot at the same time. The playful acting helps too, of course, and the greatest thing is seeing Amarna enjoying this, making it a bit more believable. Once we got some light, however, the video turned out to be a more typical foot worship vid, but with the bilingual plus, and the vore - even the selfies - wasn't something new, but in general, this is a cool first time from Rated Raw. So yes, it's a quite typical video overall, with just the addition of a cool start and some Spanish parts, but it's still a good presentation card from RR, a way to show the can do it.
  2. Rated Raw Pictures's Avatar
    Rated Raw ...
    Thank you Chuck!! If you liked this vid begining you should check Not So Funny Game then. It'll be able very soon and it has another breathtaking start ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/wink.png I know it turned out to a typical foot fetish and vore video, I'm working on making more consistent scripts. Although I hope it didn't disappoint you, best is yet to come!!

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