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Beautiful, wealthy, privileged and entitled teen Jessica has always treated others as her playthings, twisting and manipulating and tormenting those beneath her for pleasure and entertainment. Now that she's been given the mysterious and unbelievable power to shrink things, a whole new world of games has been opened. She crosses paths with a happy family out for dinner and in an instant takes everything they've ever had away from them. From the moment she first sees their tiny forms trembling in the shadows of her perfect, powerful feet she knows just what she's going to do... show them the nothings that they are, break them one by one, and only when their spirits are utterly crushed will her soles finish the job.

♥ Miss Kaneda's detailed brand of brutal humiliation and cruelty is on full display!
♥ More than 65 of legendary artist SorenZer0's illustrations across this two part story!
♥ Sandals, Boots, Socks, Sneakers, and Bare Soles! A crush- lover's dream!
♥ Jessica's friend Lindsey joins in to double the pathetic, helpless family's torment!
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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
42 HQ Photos
by SorenZer0 and Miss Kaneda
crush, shrunken men, sadistic, gore, story, shrunken woman, sandals, pink toe nails, handheld, sadistic, blonde, poser, upskirt, between fingers, pink finger nails, sunglasses, blue eyes, skewer, cage, cell phone, cameara, sneakers, sneaker crush, shorts,


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  1. Laura's Avatar
    Hand's down, one of the better giantess comic's iv'e ever read. MissKaneda's writing really shines here and sorens work is as good as usual. My favorite thing about this comic would probably have to be Jessica's overall attitude. I wont throw out any spoiler's but she is quite the little (heh) bitch. Everyone who can should buy this ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png
  2. Grenada's Avatar
    A must-buy. SorenZer0 is the master of comics. Loved the scenes with sandal wearing feet, more like that in the future please!
  3. Pakhanba's Avatar
    When I review this please don't misunderstand what I actually mean. Its not a bad buy. What I could not help notice is how the writing easily overshadows the illustration. Anybody who buys these comics will easily identify when I say, "I bet the best moments you found were in the writing and not the illustration". Again please don't get me wrong. I have followed Kaneda and SorenZer0 on DA. They're both vastly talented people but honestly I felt the illustration and writing did not marry each other here. Illustrations should tell a story themselves instead of depending on the writing too much. These are great pieces of work! I'm citing plural because you have to estimate the art and the writing separately, but sadly not together.

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