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Unsatisfying Boyfriend Fuck

Jasmine's being fucked by her boyfriend when she notices he's about to pop but hasn't cum herself. Her demands for him not to cum are ignored, leaving her pussy unsatisfied. Annoyed she lifts her remote and shrinks him as he falls inside his own cum filled condom that's still inside her pussy. She fishes it out of her, eyeing him up trapped inside trying to get air as he swims in his own cum. She knows how much he loves cum shots, watching filthy pornos behind her back so decides to give him one of her own. Dangling the open end above her outstretched tongue she squeezes out the cum so a load containing her boyfriend empties onto her tongue. Licking her lips, groaning as the cum spills out the edge of her mouth, greedily scooped up and fingered back inside her mouth as she plays with and moves her terrified boyfriend about in her cum filled mouth, dribbling him out onto her tits she ponders if she shout 'spit or swallow' this cum shot as she slurps him back into mouth off her tits spitting him out again as he dribbles down to her pussy in a river of cum, Jasmine decides to use him to finish ff her currently unsatisfied cunt. Stuffing him inside her, she fingers her pussy using his cum as lube until she cums, reducing him to shapeless mush and gore inside her was time for a new boyfriend anyway.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
5:57 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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